December 27, 2019

Top 2020 Web Design Trends

It’s no surprise that social media is literally taking over the universe. From old faithful platforms like Facebook, to new trending platforms like TikTok, there is a huge audience for every medium – and a ton of lead opportunities waiting to be ceased.

Here are the top 2020 web design trends, to get your creative juices flowing!

Dark Mode

Originating from Apple’s most recent software update, dark mode is the new age preferred interface view. While light and white based screens have always been the norm, dark interfaces has become a popular norm in the tech space. The purpose of dark mode is to put extreme emphasis on the content, rather than having it blend in with the light airy background.

Because of the dark/monochromatic color palette, images and videos tend to become more vibrant. This also gives web designers the ability to become more creative with sliders and media. So, in your next site design, try coming to the dark side.

3D Models & Rendering

While live images are always a nice touch to websites, illustrations and 3D models are becoming increasingly popular. 3D models are a great way to give visitors an in depth vision of a prototype, idea, or theme.

Motion Effects & Animation

The increasing demand for animation and motion effects is a direct reflection of technology’s many advancements in augmented reality. Screens are now expected to behave naturally, as would real-tangible objects.

Emotional Design

Websites are not just online flyers or ordinary selling hubs anymore, it’s the prime space for connecting with site visitors. Emotional design is an increasingly popular way to lure visitors in your desired realm of creativity. This involves taking advantage of emotion by incorporating intentional color palettes and designs – similar to setting the tone at an event with intentional decorations and colors.


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10 months ago

Nice Trends. It’s interesting to see many business are now taking off online. I mean they really get worldwide. And if you have own website you must be pay attention on website look up and user experience. A great design help customers to understand your service better. Design and color combination really matter in order to maximize conversions.
10 months ago

Thanks for sharing I admire your blog since it has diverse custom web design packages together with that is very informative for other web design packages user.

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