March 29, 2020

Marketing During A Pandemic

Many businesses are currently attempting to figure out how to adapt to this new normal we call a global pandemic. From sustaining in the market crash, to transitioning to completely remote work, everyone is on an anxious halt.

To aid in your navigation, here are some digital marketing tips for marketing during a pandemic.


Positivity Stands Out

While it’s easy to believe that negativity attracts, statistics show that people actually avoid engaging with negative content. Negative content during a pandemic is content that uses the title of the crisis and the negative impact to catch the consumers’ attention. However, this actually pushes them away.

Since negativity causes an innate increase in stress level, people innately avoid it.

Focusing or angling your content from a positive perspective, reenergizes your consumer to connect with your content and interact with your content.


  • Don’t use “Covid-19” in email subject lines
  • Adjust your brand voice to something more lighthearted and uplifting (be their hope)

Become A Resource, Not A Salesman

During sensitive times, it’s important to be sensitive to the economic impact of a pandemic. Whether you’re offering expert advice or downloadable freebie resources, offer your consumer things that can help – rather than just asking for them to buy your service or product.

What’s In It For Me?: By positioning yourself as a go-to resource, you position yourself as leading authority – which makes your brand more trust worthy.

Give Them Things To Do

During pandemics, people have more time on their hands, so this is the perfect time to maximize the amount of content you send out. Try offering multiple links embeds in your email messages and post more frequently on social media.

Be More Personable/Available

As humans, we yearn for human interaction. And during times where we can’t interact, like during a social distancing period, it’s important to amp up your business’s personality. Whether that’s adding a live chatbox to your website or increasing your number of emails, comfort your consumer in the security that your business is still powered by humans eager to still work.

  • Segmented Marketing: By dividing your audience into micro sections (based on gender, industry, interests, or behavior), you can customize messaging that specifically applies to your consumer.
  • “Going Live”: Live features on social media allows you to connect with your consumer on a more personable level. Organizing consistent live sessions gives you the opportunity to give consumers an insiders view to you and your brand.

Adapt, Adapt, ADAPT

When a pandemic disrupts an industry, at the same time, it creates opportunities for new innovative ideas. This is the perfect time to buckle down on researching innovative ways to package your services and products to fit the new emerging needs of your consumer.

Hopefully these tips spark some ideas for sustaining and improving in uncertainty!


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