Freelancer Program


Grow Your Content Marketing Career

BrandIt's Freelance Program is here to help. In our freelance program, we find work opportunities for you in the content marketing space, and provide resources that will help you build your career.

Our team of experienced content marketers will work with you to find projects that match your skillset, interests, and availability. As a member of our program, we'll also connect you with other freelancers who can be helpful resources in your search for new projects.

As an added bonus, our freelancers get access to exclusive opportunities like networking events and client portfolios so they can stay on top of their game and keep growing their business!

Benefits of being a Freelancer within our program include:

-Consideration for projects that will enable you to use your skills, meet your ambitions, and build a career.

-Training sessions and workshops to help you sharpen your skills, learn new ones, and keep up with trends in the industry

-Opportunities to work on projects with other freelancers and clients

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