Elite Design House of Maryland Social Media Marketing

About the Client:

Elite Design House is a prominent design house located in Baltimore, MD. They specialize in providing exquisite and unique designs, catering to various clients’ needs, including bridal wear, haute couture, and custom designs.


The Challenge:

Elite Design House faced the challenge of driving brand awareness and creating a buzz around their new launch. They needed a strategic social media approach to reach their target audience, generate interest, and position themselves as a go-to destination for elegant and high-quality designs.

The Approach:

At BrandIt Strategies, we developed a comprehensive and strategic social media approach to tackle Elite Design House’s challenge of increasing brand awareness before their new launch.

  • Audience Segmentation: We started by conducting audience segmentation to identify and understand the various target groups Elite Design House wanted to reach. This included leveraging the existing audience from Elite Secrets Bridal, grabbing the attention of audiences in Baltimore, and tapping into the designer’s existing audience.
  • Brand Messaging: To ensure consistent and impactful brand messaging, we collaborated closely with Elite Design House to define their brand voice and key messages. This helped create a unified and compelling message across all social media channels.
  • Content Strategy: Based on the audience segmentation and brand messaging, we crafted a content strategy that highlighted Elite Design House’s unique designs, craftsmanship, and design process. The content mix included sneak peeks of upcoming collections, behind-the-scenes videos, client testimonials, and design inspirations.
  • Visual Storytelling: We emphasized visual storytelling by using high-quality imagery and captivating videos to showcase Elite Design House’s exquisite designs. Visual content is highly shareable and can effectively grab the attention of audiences, increasing brand visibility.
  • Collaborations and Partnerships: Leveraging the designer’s existing connections, we explored collaborations and partnerships with fashion influencers, bloggers, and local businesses in Baltimore. This strategic approach helped expand the reach of Elite Design House to new audiences and gain credibility.
  • Social Media Advertising: To maximize reach and engagement, we implemented social media advertising campaigns targeted towards the desired audience segments. The ads highlighted key design elements and directed users to the Elite Design House website or consultation sign-up page.

The Results:

Our strategic approach yielded significant results for Elite Design House:

  • Increased Consultations: The social media strategy effectively generated interest in Elite Design House’s designs, leading to an increase in consultations with potential clients eager to explore their offerings.
  • Enhanced Social Media Engagement: By leveraging engaging content and visual storytelling, Elite Design House experienced higher social media engagement, including likes, comments, shares, and follows, building a loyal and engaged social media community.

The BrandIt Angle:

At BrandIt Strategies, our strategic approach centers on understanding our clients’ unique offerings and target audience to create impactful social media strategies that drive tangible results.

For Elite Design House, we employed audience segmentation to precisely identify the different target groups they aimed to reach. By leveraging existing audiences, targeting specific geographical areas, and tapping into the designer’s connections, we ensured that Elite Design House’s social media efforts reached the right audience.

Our content strategy focused on showcasing Elite Design House’s exceptional designs and craftsmanship through visual storytelling, creating an emotional connection with the audience and building anticipation for their new launch.

Additionally, we explored collaborations and partnerships to expand Elite Design House’s reach and credibility, leveraging influencers and local businesses to endorse their brand.

By utilizing social media advertising, we maximized the reach of Elite Design House’s content and attracted potential clients to their website or consultation sign-up page.

In conclusion, our strategic approach at BrandIt Strategies helped Elite Design House drive brand awareness, generate interest, and increase social media engagement before their new launch. Through a mix of targeted content, visual storytelling, collaborations, and social media advertising, we positioned Elite Design House as a top choice for elegant and exquisite designs in Baltimore, MD, fostering an engaged and loyal social media community.

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