Fancy Free Hair And Skin Website Development

About the Client

Fancy Free Hair And Skin is a trailblazing brand that has perfected the art of crafting effective personal care products free from harsh chemicals. Their products have earned them a loyal following of “Fancy Friends” who no longer struggle with common skin and hair issues, such as ashy elbows, funky underarms, or dry hair. With a focus on quality and natural ingredients, Fancy Free Hair And Skin has established itself as a leading name in the personal care industry.

The Challenge

Fancy Free Hair And Skin faced the challenge of an outdated e-commerce website that lacked engaging elements and timely features. While they wanted to preserve essential aspects of their existing website, such as their product listings and reviews, they also desired to add a matching quiz that would assist customers in finding the most suitable products based on their individual needs.

The Approach

At BrandIt Strategies, our team of experts devised a comprehensive and strategic approach to address the specific challenges faced by Fancy Free Hair And Skin during their website redesign.

  • Smooth Checkout Process and Abandoned Cart Retargeting: We focused on optimizing the website’s checkout process to provide customers with a seamless and efficient shopping experience. Additionally, we implemented triggers to retarget customers who abandoned their carts, encouraging them to complete their purchases and boosting conversion rates.
  • Informational Yet On-Brand Design: As Fancy Free Hair And Skin is a brand that emphasizes the science behind their products, we created an informative yet visually captivating design that aligned perfectly with their brand identity. We integrated more imagery and video content to engage visitors and showcase their product effectiveness.
  • Modular Collections for Enhanced Product Placement: To enhance product visibility, we designed modular collections that allowed for flexible product placement throughout the website. This approach made it easier for customers to discover and explore their range of offerings.
  • Increased Credibility and Trust: We strategically added more data points and information to increase credibility and trust with potential clients. This included highlighting product ingredients, customer reviews, and testimonials, further reinforcing the effectiveness of their personal care products.

The Results

BrandIt Strategies’ approach and collaboration with Fancy Free Hair And Skin resulted in significant and measurable results:

  • Increased User Session Times by 60%: The website redesign, with its engaging elements and informative content, captured visitors’ attention and led to a significant increase in user session times. This indicated that visitors were spending more time exploring the website and its offerings.
  • Improved SEO and Faster Load Speeds: The website’s optimization efforts resulted in improved search engine rankings and faster load speeds. This not only enhanced the overall user experience but also contributed to increased organic traffic.
  • On-Brand and Aesthetically Pleasing Page Layouts: The redesigned website perfectly reflected Fancy Free Hair And Skin’s brand identity, presenting an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive online presence. This further solidified their brand image and resonated with their target audience.

The BrandIt Angle

At BrandIt Strategies, our unique approach lies in our dedication to understanding our clients’ vision and crafting tailor-made solutions that align with their brand identity and business goals. For Fancy Free Hair And Skin, we recognized the significance of preserving their core values while infusing their website with engaging and informative elements.

Our expertise in e-commerce website design allowed us to optimize the checkout process and implement retargeting strategies to drive conversions. The focus on science-backed information and captivating visuals emphasized the credibility of Fancy Free Hair And Skin’s products and increased customer trust.

By incorporating modular collections and strategically placing product information, we enhanced the overall user experience, making it easier for customers to find their ideal personal care products. Additionally, the website’s improved SEO and faster load speeds contributed to increased organic traffic and better search engine rankings.

In conclusion, our approach enabled Fancy Free Hair And Skin to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and informative website that reflects their brand values, engages customers, and drives business growth within the competitive personal care industry.

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