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About the Client

ProCon is an annual conference catering to Public Relations (PR) and Communications (Comms) professionals. The conference showcases industry experts and renowned speakers who host sessions, roundtables, and fireside chats, providing valuable insights and knowledge for excelling in the PR and Communications industry.

The Challenge

PROCON faced the challenge of creating an efficient and user-friendly website to sell tickets, provide essential event information, and capture valuable contacts. They needed a platform that would streamline the ticket purchasing process for attendees while ensuring the website’s design and functionality aligned with their brand and offered a seamless experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

The Approach

We took a unique and innovative approach to address the specific challenges faced by PROCON in developing their event website.

  • Top UX Design Trends for Event Websites: We conducted extensive research on the latest UX design trends specifically tailored to event websites. By incorporating these trends, we aimed to optimize the user experience and make ticket transactions a breeze for potential attendees.
  • Clean and Fresh Layout: Our team designed a clean and visually appealing layout that aligned perfectly with PROCON’s brand identity. The modern and fresh design ensured that the website would leave a lasting impression on visitors, instilling trust and confidence in the event.
  • Fully Functional on Desktop and Mobile: Understanding the importance of a mobile-responsive design, we developed the website to be fully functional and visually pleasing on both desktop and mobile devices. This ensured that potential attendees could access and navigate the website seamlessly from any device.
  • Bold, Clear, and Directional Elements: To expedite the ticket purchasing process, we strategically used bold, clear, and directional elements. These design choices made it quick and straightforward for users to find and purchase tickets, enhancing user satisfaction and conversions.

The Results

Our unique approach and collaborative efforts with PROCON yielded significant and measurable results:

  • Fast Site Speed under 1.3 Seconds: The website’s lightning-fast loading times resulted from our rigorous website development and optimization efforts. This not only provided a positive user experience but also contributed to improved search engine rankings.
  • Over 1K Unique Pageviews within the First Week: The event website successfully attracted over 1,000 unique pageviews in the first week alone. This high level of initial interest demonstrated the effectiveness of our design and marketing strategies in capturing the attention of the target audience.

The BrandIt Angle

At BrandIt Strategies, our unique approach lies in our commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and combining creativity with data-driven decision-making. For PROCON, we identified the specific requirements of an event website and crafted a solution that not only met their needs but also exceeded their expectations.

Our emphasis on user experience, mobile responsiveness, and intuitive design enabled us to create a seamless and enjoyable ticket purchasing process for attendees. By leveraging bold and directional design elements, we guided visitors through the website, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

Overall, our approach to website design and optimization ensures that our clients, like PROCON, receive tailored and results-oriented solutions. Our collaboration with PROCON and our expertise in the PR and Communications industry allowed us to build a website that truly represents it’s brand.

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