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About the Client

Tammey Drummond, a highly accomplished real estate professional with extensive experience in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, approached BrandIt Strategies for the development of her real estate website. With specialization in luxury, probate, short sale, and foreclosure properties, and certifications as a luxury and distressed property expert, Tammey’s impressive career spans nearly 25 years.

 She is a licensed realtor in multiple states, including Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, and Florida, and currently holds the position of Associate Broker at Bennett Realty Solutions. Tammey’s exceptional track record includes accolades such as the ReMax Chairman’s Club, Platinum’s Club, and being recognized as the Top Agent for US Home.


The Challenge

Tammey Drummond sought to establish a robust digital presence that would effectively showcase her expertise, services, and accomplishments in the highly competitive real estate industry. The primary challenges were to create a lead generation website that aligned seamlessly with her brand identity, improve her SEO ranking for increased visibility, and provide an organized platform to capture and respond to inquiries from potential clients.

The Approach

At BrandIt Strategies, our team of experts devised a comprehensive and strategic approach to address Tammey Drummond’s unique requirements and achieve her desired outcomes for her real estate website.

  • On-Brand Lead Generation Website: Understanding the importance of a consistent brand image, we designed a lead generation website that perfectly reflected Tammey’s brand identity. The website featured her accomplishments, expertise, and service offerings, presenting her as a reputable and trusted professional in the real estate market.
  • Information Hub for Tammey: We created the website as an information hub, providing visitors with comprehensive details about Tammey Drummond’s real estate services, listings, and market insights. This approach positioned her as an industry expert and allowed potential clients to gain valuable insights into her capabilities.
  • Lead Capture and Retargeting: To maximize lead generation and engagement, we implemented strategically placed lead capture forms and retargeting mechanisms. By capturing contact information, we empowered Tammey to nurture potential clients through targeted marketing efforts, increasing the likelihood of conversions.
  • Organized Inquiry Responses: Our team established a systematic and organized approach for managing inquiries from potential clients. The website featured inquiry forms that facilitated easy communication, enabling Tammey to respond promptly and efficiently to each inquiry, fostering positive client interactions.

The Results

BrandIt Strategies’ approach and collaborative efforts with Tammey Drummond yielded significant and measurable results:

  • Increased SEO: Our website optimization strategies significantly improved Tammey’s SEO ranking, elevating her online visibility and making her website more discoverable to potential clients through search engines.
  • Enhanced Lead Generation: The integration of lead capture forms and retargeting mechanisms resulted in increased lead generation for Tammey Drummond. Her website became a powerful tool for capturing potential clients and engaging them with targeted marketing initiatives.

The BrandIt Angle

At BrandIt Strategies, our unique approach centers around a client-centric mindset and a data-driven strategy. For Tammey Drummond, we recognized the significance of creating a strong digital presence that would showcase her expertise and accomplishments to potential clients effectively.

Our team’s expertise in website development, branding, and digital marketing enabled us to craft an on-brand lead generation website that positioned Tammey as a trusted real estate professional. By incorporating lead capture and retargeting functionalities, we facilitated efficient lead nurturing and enhanced Tammey’s chances of converting potential clients into satisfied customers.

BrandIt Strategies’ commitment to organization and user experience ensured that Tammey could respond to inquiries in a timely and organized manner, leading to positive client interactions and fostering trust in her services. Overall, our approach allowed Tammey Drummond to deepen her digital footprint, elevate her SEO ranking, and increase lead generation, reinforcing her position as a prominent real estate expert in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

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